He he… Ha ha… Ho ho… HEY!

Mini Red and I move one month from today! Whew Hew!

Decorating my cube for contest on Thursday, the 18th, and elfing all my co-workers.  It’s turning out quite well.  Hehe

Pot Luck on Thursday… I’m making the sausage dip but getting grief that I’m not making my lasagne.  Can’t wait!

Thursday night I’m Squirrely Gurl’s date for my former company’s  Holiday Party.  I guess one good turn deserves another after I took her to mine.  Of course there is the understanding that if between now and then she meets someone I am out. 

That party will be on a boat and will dock at 9pm.  I then beat feet back to Bethesda where Scythian will be playing at Flanagans Harp and Fiddle.  They probably won’t even start until 10 anyhow.  Mrs. M will be bringing her crew and Shortie should be making an appearance too.  I’m so excited since I missed that last time they played there. 

The week is looking to be a bit crazy… Crazy cool that is!  I still have to finish getting ready for the holidays and packing whenever I get a chance.  At least the holidays will be a little more low key this year. 

Sometimes you realize it just don’t get no better.

Happy Holidays!

2 comments on “He he… Ha ha… Ho ho… HEY!

  1. Red, I’ll be in town this weekend through Jan 2, you better come to old town to visit me!!!

  2. Belated congrats on the house! Have fun at the show – those guys really ARE good!

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