Did you know I’m a Princess?

For some reason I was reminded of this story tonight:

This is a story told to me by Mini Red several years ago and it was told to her by my Mom.  I found it very odd that Mom would tell Mini Red a story from my Biological Father since he isn’t discussed much… Out of respect for Dad, mind you.

Anyhow, BF used to say he was a Prince because his parents names are Regis and Regina.  In Latin Regis means King and Regina means Queen thus making BF a Prince.

Mini Red then says, “Mommy!  That means you’re a Princess! So I must be one too!”


I may be a Princess but I’ve never acted like one although I do have a friend who is a self proclaimed “Very High Maintenance Princess“.

2 comments on “Did you know I’m a Princess?

  1. the whole time I’m reading this, I’m like “HEY! I AM THE PRINCESS!”!!!

    apparently we three are princesses!!

  2. Hey Princess, It’s snowing on your page.

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