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The weekend in 3 pics

Had some kick ass seats for the Nats game on Saturday and here was our view:

Miss Chatter was there too… In the press box.

Ends up there were other celebs too and in our row no less.  I hate to bug people and believe they need to be left alone to do their own thing.  I got a pic but left it at this:

Former Mayor Anthony Williams and his wife were out cheering on the Nats.  One dude did stop and bug him and looked the fool.  Wish I could have heard what he was saying.

It was a perfect evening for a game an unfortunately the Nats lost.

After the game they played the movie “Field of Dreams” up on the big screen so we hung out and watched about half before heading out cause it was getting late.

Today (Sunday) was pretty uneventful and I was able to get a nap prior to hitting Montgomery Mall for a few upcoming birthday gifts.  I hate the mall and people can just be so rude.  My favorite part of the mall was walking by the FiOS kiosk.  Mini Red pointed it out first… All the men were hanging around watching the Skins game.

Football at the Mall… When the wife just won’t let you stay home and watch the damn game.  At least none of them seem to be carrying the purse.  Nothing worse than a dude holding his chick’s purse.

One comment on “The weekend in 3 pics

  1. Glad you had a good time! Sorry I didn’t have a chance to pop by and say hi!

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