Why is this so difficult?

All I want are some simple cardboard shoe boxes that are like drawers.  Each individual box that I can stack but I can pull open from the front for easy access to the shoes.


First thing I found was this at The Container Store:

But these are $17.99 each… EACH!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?


Some of us poor people need a more inexpensive solution.  I need to save my money for the shoes themselves.


Oh wait!  I found this one:

$7.99 for a regular and $12.99 for the Men’s cause ya’ll got some big feet. Here is a case where it’s more expensive for the dudes than it is for chicks.  Normally, everything is more expensive for the women. These are still expensive, though, because I’m looking for about 10 so that would be $80.


Seems I’m not the only one looking for a better solution. Rinnah’s Marketplace found something called Benjiboxes but they are pricey too!


Oh look! Walmart carries some canvas shoeboxes made by Rubbermaid running $7.88.  Still kinda pricey when you add it up but it’s the lowest so far.  Seems Amazon is selling these same boxes for $9.95.  HA! 



See this is why I hate shopping… It costs too much and takes up way too much time.


2 comments on “Why is this so difficult?

  1. Have you seen this thing?

    I can’t vouch for its functionality, but it sure looks like more fun than my usual shoelutions.


  2. At least you don’t have size 15 shoes… Then things get even more expensive. :-\

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