I feel sorry for the kids today

I am so lovin technology!

Minie Red might not be feeling the same way… All the time.  Especially when I can check her grades online.

Whenever one of her teachers updates her grades I get notified.  So a few weeks ago I noticed some pretty crappy work on her part and I came down on her.  I even took her cell phone away.  The main purpose of the cell phone is for the weekends with her Dad so it wasn’t a big deal for me.  It was, however, a big deal for her.

Since that time she has stepped up her game.  Last week she was studying for an upcoming test in History class.  She even made flash cards and we had fun working on it together.  Well here we are almost a week later and I find that she kicked ass on that test.

Last night, after I got home from my fantastic date*, she and I were laying on my bed watching TV and I turned to her and said, “I’m so proud of you!

She looked really confused.

I said, “Does it feel good to hear that?”


You kicked butt on that History test! I know you studied hard for that test and it paid off.  Plus it was fun studying with you.  Doesn’t this make you want to keep up the good work?”

Yeah this is a good feeling.”

This morning I got an email that more grades have been updated.  One of the classes she is taking is Health.  The grade in Health dropped a bit after the last test she had.  I’m not worried about it though but her last test in Health was a bit thought provoking.  She got a C and the test was on Mental Health.  I would say that means she is about average a/k/a normal. Thank Gawd!

*See, I mentioned you!


3 comments on “I feel sorry for the kids today

  1. A date? Now I’m all jealous.

  2. Aww! Nice post. I especially liked how you and Minnie Red were studying together. Makes such a difference.

  3. Oh man- I can’t imagine if my parents had been able to monitor my grades online! CRAZINESS! But at least it seems to be working out well…

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