Halloween with the PTA in Suburbia

Last Saturday I was invited to a Halloween party. 

I don’t usually dress up for Halloween since I hate being uncomfortable.  I was able to come up with an idea to reuse one of my bridesmaid dresses.  I messed up my hair, threw in a few fake bruises, had a matching bouquet and I was ready.  In essence I was the bridesmaid who fought for the bride’s bouquet but lost and had the bruises to show for her efforts.

I went over to meet up with my cousin and his wife and we were off to the first house where I was given a beer that I promptly threw back thinking we wouldn’t be there long.  That beer hit the spot since I was a bit nervous going to a party where I didn’t know anyone.  We were off to the next house for the pre-party and I was given a beer there too.  There were kids at this house and they were bothered by my bruises until they learned it was just makeup.  Just when I thought we were leaving for the actual party we weren’t so I was handed another beer.  This one didn’t last long either.

By the time we got to the actual party I was feeling good.  The hostess had a smoke machine going and it was setting off the fire alarm.  MB took some photos trying to show off my mastery of painting bruises but they are a bit fuzzy due to the smoke.


I didn’t realize how rowdy the PTA gets in Suburbia when the kids are off with sitters. These people can get their drink on and non-chalantly encourage it too. Everyone was playing the role of their costume and it was obvious they had been getting their drink on.  The Angel was passing out goodness and her Devil husband stood by and watched over everyone.  Jeannie kept trying to grant wishes while Major Nelson carried around her bottle.  One woman dressed as her mother by borrowing her mother’s wig and house dress.  I loved that one since it was so original.  The hostess was dressed as a school girl and when the Pope showed up she promply acted her part.


There were a lot of people constantly arriving all night.  When the Pimp arrived I was urged to take on the new persona of a Battered Ho.  So I posed accordingly.


I never expected to party like this but the PTA really knows how to throw a bash.  I grabbed one last photo op with the Pope and have to say the night was a blast and I didn’t get home til the wee hours of the morning.


7 comments on “Halloween with the PTA in Suburbia

  1. “…the PTA really knows how to throw a bash.”

    Red…that is going down in the history of FABULOUS lines. ROFL!


    I loved your video in costume (and robe). Mini Red watched it twice! – Red

  2. Hiya Red! I like the new place.

    Thanks Dude – Red

  3. Oh, momma…

    New blog looks good, but I’m a little confused… what’s Life o’ Fred.com?

    — Joe

    I have decided I’m tired of Red and decided to add a F. You know like Fried Red (how I feel at the end of this week) shortened to Fred. Yes that’s it I am now Fred. – Red

  4. I think you might be the bridesmaid who stole the groom before the wedding. Glad you had a good time.

    Aww thanks Unky! – Red

  5. awesome costume. hope you enjoy your new url digs.

    Thanks Dude – Red

  6. Liked the costume. It would continue a long tradition in our household of ‘using all available materials’ for something cheap but effective. But them PTA mom’s going down on Popey, that’s Nasty! Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

    They were a wild bunch! I was glad I could capture the school girl and the Pope for blackmail material. – Red

  7. Nice shiny new place you have here. Cheers!

    Thanks Dude! I may need some lessons from you on this stuff. I saw you made some changes too! Looks good. – Red

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