The most expensive cup of coffee

Well… not really.  This morning I stopped by Brueggers for a bagel and a coffee and I got schmoozed. 

It’s all new to me but Brueggers has a one-of –a-kind offer called the Bottomless Mug.  For $99 you get a shiny new 2008 Brueggers travel mug and they refill your mug all year long (til 12/31/08) for no extra cost.  There is no limit to how may refills you get but you have to present the mug.  On top of that, it’s for tea or soda too.

What a deal! 

brueggers.jpgI can’t beat this opportunity to save so much money on my coffee addiction.  On top of that I got schloo of coupons for sandwiches and bagels, which are coupons I will actually use.  They aren’t schemey coupons and I know you know what I mean.

The mugs are while supplies last and this year they are Red.  Man, this has my name all over it.


8 comments on “The most expensive cup of coffee

  1. I’m still learning wordpress too. Wanna help each other learn? Cause I have design questions too

    This no javascript stuff makes it very different here. You’ll be my wordpress buddie as we learn this together. – Red

  2. Addict.

    Why yes I am! At least it’s not cigarettes anymore. – Red

  3. And why is there not a picture of this shiny Red mug?

    … does your comments box allow html code so we, the readers, can respond with the appropriate coloration of import words for you blog?

    Ok I’m gonna take a pic of my mug cause I couldn’t find a nice pic online. I don’t know what is being allowed on the comments stuff yet. I’m wishing I could use color. – Red

  4. Hmmm interesting concept. You’d think others would get on that bandwagon, but then again, I guess that would mean they’d overall be milking us for less… right?

    They are definitely milking me for less but they also just stole me from the Starbucks I would visit every day just a few doors down from them. – Red

  5. Me likey the new look!

    And…um…that IS an expensive cup of coffee…but hey…it’s waaaaaaaaaay less than you would have paid for the year!

    GO RED!

    Um…Halloween costumes please?????

    I got pictures from the Halloween party last Saturday night coming up. – Red

  6. I think this new site needs a new section dedicated to pictures of MommaRed. That would be soooo RED hot!

    Pictures from a Halloween party coming up. – Red

  7. What a deal. Plus, the mug looks awesome.

    Red, I like the new website! Did you install wordpress yourself from scratch or had it pre-installed by the hosting service?

    It’s all on WordPress.com right now. Hopefully I’ll figure out the rest and download from wordpress.org. Trying to keep costs at bay. Good to hear from ya. – Red

  8. Where are you geographically that this offer is $99? Cleveland OH and Minneapolis, MN are $119. They come with a dozen bagels a month for a year.

    Northern Virginia. I also received a few coupons for free sandwiches and discounts on a dozen bagels three times. – Red

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