What do you do if Karma bites first?

What goes around comes around.

Karma can be a bitch.”

Usually if you do something not so nice they say karma comes back around and bites you on the butt.

Tuesday’s drive home was awful. It’s not like I’m trying to speed I’m just trying to move forward. If so many DC drivers weren’t driving up the side and cutting in (and cutting people off) then I believe everything would move much smoother.

I also believe that sightseeing during rush hour should be illegal.  Arrest them and throw them in jail! I swear some people mosey along checking out the sights when us regular people are trying to get home. Do it on the weekend or the middle of the day.

I was running late, due to the traffic, and finally arrived to pick up Mini Red.  We had to rush home so she could change for her swimming class and rush off to get her there in time.  Then while she was swimming I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things. The grocery store was pretty much like the drive home. I couldn’t get past anyone so I could move along. I stayed patient but I was feeling frustrated. Everywhere I tried to go someone was blocking me. It was a conspiracy I tell ya.

When it was time to check out, though, there were NO lines. I repeat NO line whatsoever. I don’t think I fully appreciated that until just now. As I was pushing my cart of paid groceries to my car, in the far parking lot, I got to thinking about karma. I was trying to think of what I could have done for karma to bite first and keep throwing these blockers in front of me.

My driving frustration did elicit a few choice words but I have never outwardly threatened or flipped off another car. I have raised my hands in frustration though but that isn’t showing anger and I’m sure the other car didn’t even notice due to whatever issues they were having, which was stopping my progress.

Sorry I digressed… So as I was walking to my car I thought “I’m not going to take my cart to the central cart parking place. Everyone else leaves them all over the place. I’m gonna bite karma back!”

Ohhh I’m such a bad cart returner! HAHAHAHA

I decided not to let karma dictate me and I was going to do the right thing. So I grabbed not only my empty cart but a second one and put them in the proper place.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”  – Wayne Dyer

I decided to take control of karma and nip this crap right there and do what is right. I took my karma back!


4 comments on “What do you do if Karma bites first?

  1. You need the Cop Car Advantage… This being the built in “mega phone” announcement system in your vehicle. Its great.. Saw it in action just the other day at Shortie and I’s apartment complex. There’s the cop, sitting behind a car at a light, waiting for a Right Turn Arrow. Everyone on the block suddenly hears “ITS A GREEN ARROW. GO!” See, the cop gets to vocalize his exact frustration instead of just honk or sit there and take it.

    I try yelling it our mouthing it but that isn’t working. I was thinking suction cup arrows with messages and shooting it at them but the mega phone will probably work better. I just put it on my Christmas list. – Red

  2. Karma bit you in the butt? Lucky karma.

  3. personally, i always take the cart back. and if Karma bit me, i’d rip her head off… in a nice way that wouldn’t screw me for centuries…

    I always take the cart back too. I think I just couldn’t bear not doing it. I know what a doofus I am. – Red

  4. OMG! I’m a cart-returner, too! Once I thought about not doing it, then I saw one rolling wildly through the parking lot and thought about the big sign that says they’re not responsible for anything that happens with carts. I ran after it before it ran over an old lady. Having her as my patient would have been the bad ju-ju bestowed upon me, I’m sure. From now on, when the boy says “What are you doing? No one else does that,” I’m going to say, “I’m taking my karma back.” Thanks for that one!

    You could also say “Red and Mini Jon do it too!”. Love it! – Red

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