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What is your Selfie Face?

I believe this is an acceptable question to ask. It’s not like I’m asking what your O face looks like… Ewwww!

So maybe you want to know where this comes from?

I happened to be watching “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and this chick was looking for a place to live, other than her parents. As she looks at this one condo she has to test the lighting for her selfies. To which the other chick says she does NOT have a selfie face and then chick number one gives examples of a few of her selfie faces.

So here we are a few days later and Ginja has one of her friends, Jones, over and she is searching our house for lighting so she can get a proper selfie. You would have thought she was trying to get a signal and it was the olden golden days of those Verizon commercials… “Can you hear me now?”.

I am an inexperienced selfie taker. My goal is not to look as old as I am. The camera (phone) must be held high, suck in my cheeks to show off my cheek bones but I can’t purse my lips or I might show my wrinkles. Also I often tend to wear my glasses to deflect from wrinkles around my eyes.  Oh and sometimes I add filters and use instagram. Here are a few examples:


Ginja holds the camera (phone) from an upward angle looking down on her. She puts the tongue to the roof of her mouth to avoid any double chinage. Her mouth is at just the right angle with not too big of a smile to avoid wrinkles under eyes but to be sure not to look pissed off. Hair is just right for good amount of sexiness and to give a peek at just the right amount of cleavage:


Jones: Camera angling down or straight ahead, face forward or a few degrees to the right because she prefers her left side:


What are your selfie rules and send me a selfie to redselfie@gmail.com. I’ll post them here.

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2013 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

2013 was a HORRIBLE year for us and we are happy to see it go.

We may not be the only ones that feel this way. Check out Momma Said | The Holiday Card No One Ever Sends.

This gave me an idea… So I sat down and listed,  by month, things that went on in 2013 and then defined them as Good, Bad or Ugly. Here is what I came up with:

Said Goodbye to Aunt Dot. She was 100 and this harder than I expected. Bad
Got ordained and Married our good friends Good
Training(ish) for Half Marathon Ugly
Colonoscopy – Results were good. Glad that is over. Ugly/Good
Ginja turns 18! Good

Caye Caulker, Belize – AWESOMENESS!!! GOOD
Training(ish) for Half Marathon Ugly
Hophead gets laid off Bad/Ugly

Best St. Paddy’s Day… Ever! Good
Shamrockfest loses its appeal for us. 2013 was our last year Bad
Running injury… Freak out Ugly
A friend loses her battle with cancer… No words… sadness. Bad

Chicago to celebrate friend’s life – Bittersweet Bad
Mountain Bike race (Baker’s Dozen). Inaugural Fookin Koontz team ride Good
Taxes nearly break us UGLY/Bad
Friends get married Good
Ginja gets her license Good/Ugly (Not really ugly just scary for me as a Mom)
Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Not a PR but I did it and really glad its over. Good/Ugly

Prom Good
DirtFest – Stayed on a houseboat with friends. Good
Ginja Graduates!!! Good

Tesla is interested in possibly hiring Hophead. Good
Another friend leaves us too soon – Pete. Bad

Tesla didn’t work out Bad
Hophead is working! Yay Good

The Crew vehicle was traded for a convertible. Wheeeeeeeeee! Good
Ginja started her First Job Good
Started more work on my sleeve (tattoo) Good
Ginja started college Good

Family fun at the Demolition Derby Good
Attempting to run and join groups… FAIL… Women can be mean Ugly

SHUTDOWN!!! Bad/Ugly
Freak out… Work on resume Good
Freak out… Get creative and do some art Good
Freak out… Visit Mom and hang with Sis and her baby Good
MoCo Epic… More epic than ever!!! Good
Halloween – We had costumes! First EVER!!! Good

TWO years married!!! Love this man!!! Good
Recovering financially from Shutdown… Still freaking out Bad/Ugly

I start a new job… Closer to home Good
Sick Ugly
Hophead continues to take classes and get certifications for his job Good
Christmas Lights Ride Good
Sick Ugly
Christmas – seeing family and watching the kids open gifts. Good
Loss of another friend – Scud Bad
Sick Ugly
New Years Eve – Houseful of old and new friends. Good

In review, here are the totals:
Good – 30
Bad – 10
Ugly – 13

Good outweighs the Bad and Ugly combined. I am still happy to see 2013 go but this exercise makes me realize that although the bad was really bad there really was a lot of good in 2013 that I had forgotten.

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What Do They See?

I don’t get many new friends on Facebook these days but when I do I usually check out their page but I also check out mine.

People I’m friends with on FB are in a trusted zone, so to speak. So when I let someone in I wonder what my world looks like in their eyes. So I peruse my own page especially my photos. I have so many photos and most of them are weird or would be weird to people who may not understand them.

For Example:


This is what Hophead calls Dork Chat. He says Ginja always looks like such a dork when she does Snap Chat.

There’s a good amount of tongue in my pics but in my world we do this as a sign of affection and I teach this to my Nieces and Nephews.

"This means Auntie loves you!"

“This means Auntie loves you!”

Then there are pics of Ginja and I, and sometimes others. For so long it was just the two of us.


Of course there are pics of me an my love, Hophead. We often have beers in our hands and/or goofing around.


I bet some of the pictures look really weird to some and they must wonder why we are doing some of the things we are doing. When I scan through the pictures I feel loved. I hope what new friends see is we have wonderful family and friends and so many good times.

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Cleaning Day!

It’s a cleaning day. .. ish!

After the first full week of work after the shutdown the house has become a bit of a disaster area. While Hophead is mowing the lawn and I am cleaning out the fridge and gonna make some juice. This serves two purposes… Cleaning the fridge and to clean out some of the toxins in us.

We need to clean us out especially after being zombies yesterday.


Zombies have bad eating habits…


I prepared the veggies and fruits. Cleaning cutting and preparing the beets is making the kitchen look like a murder scene.


Now for juicing… Love my juicer and it didn’t cost hundred of dollars.


It doesn’t yield a lot of juice but what it doesn’t give me in juice goes to the compost. Our outside compost is very happy and my neighbor noticed it and asked if she could add to it. We should have some great stuff come Spring.

Any of you who have followed Life of Red for a minute might be  surprised but yes I have become very domestic and love composting, recycling and things like our energy efficient home, which we hope to add solar panels at some point. I’m geeking out.

Anyhow, Now I’m on to another detoxifying juice I found on Pinterest, Turmeric Juice. I haven’t done this one before and had a hard time finding turmeric and tamarind (thanks Harris Teeter). Peeling the turmeric was interesting but it smells good. The tamarind is like an oversized dried out pea pod with roots inside. It’s always interesting when trying a recipe, or anything, for the first time and figuring out your own way to do it. The second time is alway much easier.

Everything seems to be yellowish orange now because of the turmeric. The kitchen cleaned up well but my fingers are still colored.

Just waiting for the turmeric juice to cool down before I take my first guzzle.


Hophead and Ginga are good at appeasing me and this juice phase of mine. They usually taste it and Hophead will drink it… I think. I have to wonder if Hophead gets teased at work because I’ve sent him to work several times with weird colored drinks. I get strange looks with mine at work but I love these juices. I swear I feel much better after drinking them.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the fake blood off the walls. I guess that is a downfall of being a bloody zombie for Halloween.

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Don’t go!

I think many of us tend to move between Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix is more movies but not real recent.

Hulu is more shows but the ones I want to see are usually web only, which means you can’t play it through your TV or even apple TV.

Right now I am switching and leaving Hulu to go back to Netflix.

Both of these companies make it easy to leave and easy to come back. As I was canceling Hulu this video popped up and assures me I will be going back at some point:

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Waa Waa Waa

This seems to be all people do today, and yes I’m doing it right now too!

I swear no one is happy about anything and I find myself fascinated by people who are so genuinely happy especially in any industry where they deal with the public.

My husband deals with the public and he is ALWAYS nice. It is in his nature to be so kind to others, unless you mess with him. It is amazing how many people complain and about nothing. People who get services for free have complained and people have even complained about being greeted, you know… like a Walmart greeter. WTF?

Then there are the people who complain on social media (I guess I’m doing that now, huh?). I learned a long time ago to not complain on social media like Twitter or Facebook. Everyone has enough of their own issues to then log on and see yours. Waa waa waa!

We all have issues and we all have complaints… So DEAL WITH IT! Stop and take a look at what your complaining about because when you look at the big picture it, usually, isn’t a big deal. The more you complain the more unhappy you seem to become.

When I get upset or overly stressed I stop and ask myself if it means death. Money doesn’t matter none of it matters.  What matters is you and your family and friends. The rest is just fodder. It may feel gut wrenching horrible… at that moment and it’s not easy to turn it around but try. Please try! Because it affects more people than you can imagine when you do nothing but complain.

Rant over.

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What are you googling tonight?

Yeah I’m a dork! I’m googling,

“hairstyles for my convertible”

Yes this is what is on my mind since I am now a convertible owner, for just over a week now.

So far it’s a ponytail and a ball cap but I have to wonder if I should wrap a scarf around my head and let it drift behind me like in the old movies?



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