Miko & The Printer: A Love Story

Miko & The Printer: A Love Story

  Our cat LOVES the printer! I’m not sure if other cats are like this but Miko hears the printer and she comes running. We have even used the printer to pull her out of hiding places in the past. The printer was in a place she couldn’t get to for at least a year. […]

Someone was bound to finally develop this…

… A speed camera alert for GPS. A local man, Joseph Scott, developed a program to work with his GPS. There’s a lot of debate going on about the usefulness and reliability of this program. A Software Salesman, that uses this program, says it helps to refocus him when he might be getting distracted on […]

The big change

I’m talking changing your mobile number. I swear changing your cell phone number is harder than moving your residence. I have finally succumbed and accepted a work blackberry.  I’ve been carrying two phones for a few weeks and it is driving me crazy. I’m scaling down and getting rid of Mini Red‘s phone and passing […]


In March I got the Pearl and realized a little too late that I just don’t like it.  Everything about it is just too small and I can’t see anything on there.  Not on the key pad and not on the screen. Don’t get me started on how much I pay for the internet on this […]