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Animals in the Little City

It was late the other night and Ginja called as I parked in the driveway in the back. We were having a fairly serious conversation when it all ended suddenly.

First let me explain my driveway is off an alley that runs out back of my house. Typical Downtown Frederick house. I don’t have a garage but they are all around us.

Anyhow, mid sentence I stop because of what I see coming around the garage across the alley…


“OMG! OMG! OMG!  I need to go, Ginja, cause there is a skunk coming my way”

I honked to try and stop it. It stopped for a second and continued coming.

“I need to call Hophead. He loves the smell of those things and it wouldn’t bother him if it sprayed him.”

So I called Hophead.

“HOPHEAD! I’m in the car in the driveway and a skunk came my way. I don’t know where it went and I’m afraid to get out of the car.”

He came tearing out of the house to save me, but I think he just wanted to see the skunk. He never did see it but I stayed on the phone with him until he assured me it wasn’t under my car.

I must admit it was cute I just didn’t want to get skunked. I tend to feel as if any wild animal would hurt me because it doesn’t know me.

The other day my Mom said she would love it if she were ever in a canoe/kayak and saw a whale or was in the water and saw one. She said, “I know it wouldn’t hurt me”. I love that she thinks that way. It makes me reevaluate.

A few months back I saw a skunk, up Market Street past 7th, walking around the front of someone’s house and thought, Glad I’m not in the skunk part of Frederick. Wrong!

Then I went to tell my neighbors. I thought, Finally I have information for them on the neighborhood. Wrong!

“Oh we know about Skunky McSkunkerson! He travels three streets up sometimes and used to live under Boo Radley’s front porch.”


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