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Last night Mr. & Mrs. M, Hophead an I headed to the 9:30 Club to see Clutch.  They haven’t played in a while, so when we heard they were going on tour we jumped at the chance to see them.

A Heavy Metal venue is fairly new to me. I’ve only experienced it once before on a small scale. Mr & Mrs. M were with us as we were sharing the Frederick night life. We took them for late night wings at Guido’s. Guido’s also has live music on the weekends, in their backroom. We only caught the headliner and they were still a fairly new group. That night was the first night the drummer and singer were playing with them. The singer was a little gross drunk chick. She was running all over the place screaming in a high pitch voice;

Where’s my Fucking Woodchuck? Damnit! I need my fucking Woodchuck! Where’s my FUCKING WOODCHUCK!

Needless to say they were a mess but it was masked by the decibels… I guess.

Anyhow, Clutch had three opening bands starting with Wino, who is a Rockville boy that went to Wootten. He was followed by Saviours from Oakland, CA. They were fun and preferred to play shirtless showing off their tattoos and beer guts. Third was Mondo Generator. I had read about Nick Oliveri and I was excited to check this dude out especially when I read;

“Nick Oliveri is sick. He is crazy and at times psychotic.  He  is not putting on an act..or trying to be ‘bizarre.’ Nick is the real deal. It’s in the eyes…”

Mondo Generator didn’t disappoint but I couldn’t help feeling Oliveri was tamer than usual.

The people watching was awesome! Hophead fit in perfectly since the majority of the crowd was bald dudes. Also there is’t much dancing just some serious head nodding but that changed when Clutch came on.

The four of us were fairly close to the front waiting for Clutch but as soon as they started playing everything shifted and the mosh pit formed right where we were. Hophead got pulled in and didn’t fight it. He had a huge grin on his face as he moshed. Mr & Mrs M and I moved back while Mr M and some other dude formed a barrier in front of us to protect us from the moshers.

As everyone settled into place I was trying to keep track of Hophead. Suddenly, he went down and just as I yelled, He’s down!”, he popped right back up and of course I yelled my play by play, And he’s BACK UP!”. That was about the time I tapped the dude in front of me and thanked him for his help protecting me.  This dude wasn’t a big dude but he stepped right in. It’s funny how someone always is there to lend a hand in these mosh pits to protect those who just want to enjoy the music without the moshing. I soon found out things were different here at the 9:30 Club and that dude I thanked wasn’t just any dude he was a 9:30 Club staff member set to help people who don’t want to mosh and just want to enjoy the music. I soon noticed there were several of them. They must have been wearing jackets before because now they were identified by the t-shirt they were wearing as 9:30 Club Staff. I LOVE that 9:30 Club does this… The moochers went crazy and the rest of us were able to enjoy the music with out getting slammed. Everyone was happy.

As Hophead was backing out of the pit Mr M was heading in. I don’t know how it happened but Mrs M got moved around and sucked into the pit. She had this oh well look on her face as the pit started pulling her in. It was like a tornado sucking her in. I couldn’t get to her because of some fuck nut in front of me. I yelled at him and pushed him and reached around and was able to grab a hold of her. I was more worried than she was but maybe she feels like I do because I know one of these days I will be running to get in the middle of one of these mosh pits. Everyone always looks like they are having so much fun in there.

Hophead asked if we saw him go down when he was moshing. I said, “Yeah but you got up so fast!”

He said, “Well I’m used to it. I fall off my bike a lot!”

The music was loud and it was fantastic! It may have been freezing outside but it was burning hot in this place.

I can’t wait til Clutch’s new album comes out in March, I believe, because I will be in line to get it.

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