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Knock… knock… knock…

Hophead and I look at each other and he gets up to answer the door. He doesn’t even look through the peep-hole to see who it is but I don’t say anything.

I’m watching Hophead and his facial expressions as the Voice begins his script with his definitive lip smacking pauses, as I’m sure he was instructed. He wants a name and money for his cause, to help Rock Creek. The Voice then hands the clipboard to Hophead and all I can see is a hand reaching in and pointing to various areas on the clipboard.

I’m anxiously waiting to see what Hophead does.

And then…

Hophead says, “Ok… Wanna come in?”

The voice replies, “Sure! Thank you. Thanks for answering the door.”

Hophead starts filling out the paper but stops and says to the Voice, “Wanna a beer?”

Oh wow… YES! That would be great!”

Raging Bitch?”

Oh Yeah Flying Dog! I love that stuff! I’ve only had Yuengling to drink lately”

I pipe in, “That’s what I’m drinking! Hophead says it’s weak beer (inferior lager beer).”

Hophead hands me the paper to finish filling it out as he goes to get the beer.

The Voice is so excited about the beer, “This is the BEST house I have ever been too!  You people are awesome!”

Then he spills it… Poor guy felt so bad. Now he’s gonna smell like beer at the next few houses he goes to. I cleaned up the floor and gave him towels to clean himself up and even offered him gum.

He chatted with Hophead about Belgian IPA and then said he would have to drink up real fast before the next house. He thanked us profusely and even shook our hands and bolted.

Hophead and I couldn’t help but laugh.

I said to Hophead, “Do you usually invite people in like that?”

Eh… yeah… A few times.”

Ever offered beer… Raging Bitch?”

Nope that was a first.”

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