Mini Red turns Sweet Sixteen

I can’t believe my sweet little baby is sixteen today.

She has turned out to be an awesome teenager and only giving me mild heart attacks.

Note the hat… It belongs to her boyfriend. Yes I said BOYFRIEND!

Oh and she likes to be called Ginja now… You know… Like ninja.

3 comments on “Mini Red turns Sweet Sixteen

  1. Congrats Red, now you are offically a cougar mom.

    I thought Cougar Mom’s were Mom’s that went after young guys? That’s not me. -Red

    • Well the term “cougar-mom” started as a mom who flirts and goes after her daughter’s boyfriends!

      I won’t go after her boyfriends but she dates boys similar to ones I’ve dated. For example: I dated an Asian and so did she and now I’m dating an AWESOME bald guy and she is dating an awesome bald boy. – Red

  2. lets all scare are boyfriend,friends and FAMILY this halloween LOL HAHAHA!

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