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*Updated* Looks like I won’t be leaving just yet

Even if the weather was bad I’m not leaving just yet.  I’m sure traffic is gonna be off the hook after that truck drove off the Bay Bridge this morning.

Read about it here or here.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this on the Bay Bridge.

*Big thunderstoms coming in.  People are coming off the beach in droves as it seems the lifeguards are telling people to leave. 

It’s noon and word is the east bound portion of the Bay Bridge won’t re-open until this evening due to the on-going investigation.  According to the Bay Bridge website major delays should be anticipated and alternate routes should be considered. The only alternate route I know of is to go up around Baltimore.

One comment on “*Updated* Looks like I won’t be leaving just yet

  1. Hey.
    Hope you went the alternate route!
    I left Rehoboth at 10:30am and got home at 5:30pm.
    It took 3.5 hours to go from the 301/50 split to the bridge alone…

    Good to see everyone!
    Always good times.

    Ok I finally feel better. It took me 5 hours and I left at 6:30 and took the alternate route. Dad left over an hour after me and arrived home 20 minutes before me and he went over the bridge. He did take the advice of the radio and took Route 18 and believes that cut 2 hours off his trip. I’m so tired of being in my car. It was good to see you too! I owe you a drink. – Red

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