Duck and Weave

I really hate the news. There is nothing nice in there and events like the recent Colorado shootings remind you of how vulnerable we all are. Severely disturbed young people have so many issues and then go crazy shooting as many people as they can.  Columbine seemed to be the first of this kind and […]

Now that’s a proud face!

I was doing a quick scan of WTOP online and came across this article: “Woman allegedly hits sister with toilet tank lid“. A title like that makes you stop and click. The best part is the pic:   That face says it all doesn’t it? Oh yeah! That’s right!

My two cents…

Kanye “Fuck Nuts” West needs to be banned and boycotted. He apologized for a third time on the Jay Leno Show stating that it’s due to not taking time off especially after his mother’s death. I say, “Bull shit!” Excuses, excuses… He has done this time and time again and he will do it yet […]

*Updated* Looks like I won’t be leaving just yet

Even if the weather was bad I’m not leaving just yet.  I’m sure traffic is gonna be off the hook after that truck drove off the Bay Bridge this morning. Read about it here or here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this on the Bay Bridge. *Big thunderstoms coming in.  People […]