What makes you giggle?

Have you seen this commercial?

Mini Red gets all giggly after seeing this commercial because it has so many elements she loves.

See several times Mini Red has had crowds gather as she dances on the dance floor at weddings.  One of her favorite dances is the thriller dance.  My cousin had over 400 people at his wedding and this HUGE crowd gathered.  I pushed my way forward to find Mini Red and another cousin’s little one doing the thriller dance along with other moves like the sprinkler and the lawn mower.  This became rather amusing when when these dudes (long time family friends), in their late 20’s, got in on it and started dancing with them.  Seems they had some dance moves thier girlfriends could keep up with.

What makes this commercial even better for Mini Red are the lizards doing the dance.  Because as some of you know Mini Red and I love lizards and we love our Bearded Dragon, Kima.  

I guess Mini Red sees this commercial as Kima doing the dancing.  Hence the giggling and claiming this as her most favorite commercial of all time. 

Personally, I get a kick out of these T-Mobile Commercials:


Because I think I may have dated him.

2 comments on “What makes you giggle?

  1. I love, …”and top o’the mornin’ to ya” on #2! Heehee!

  2. I agree with MiniRed. That was my favorite commercial on the Super Bowl, and it didn’t seem to get any love. I guess it’s a commercial only herpetologists would love.

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