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A Nation of Assholes

Opinions are like Assholes… everyone has one. We are a nation of Assholes, which is very evident by the narrow minded posting all over social media.

I am so tired of the negativity over the newest form of equality Americans have been given. Every time more people are given rights to live more freely in this country people bitch and moan and groan. Remember where you live… Home of the free land of the …. No… Not brave. Not many here are brave just pansies.

I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to break from the so-called normal and do what feels right to your core. Knowing people will persecute you. That is Brave!

Standing up for what you believe [or don’t believe]… That is Brave!

You are allowed to have your opinion but stop the judgment. You have no right to be so judgmental, you are not God.

Stop the bitching and just love your neighbor… unconditionally or keep your judgements to yourself.


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