Holiday + Work + Friends = CrazyDay

Yesterday was such a crazy day. I figured it would be but it can still be difficult to prepare for. We had potluck and the cube decorating contest at work.  I got third place for my decorations and was surprised to get that because I had elfed my director along with the rest of my […]

What my office needs…

An expense report has already been submitted stating it’s for “Strategic Planning“.

Goatee: Poll 2008

My co-worker walked in this morning and shocked us all.  He shaved his goatee. Someone said he looked ten years younger. He is trying to decide if he likes it or not.  He figures if he wants to grow it back he could do it easily over the three day weekend coming up. I told […]


Last week I was in a class for three days doing some serious studying so I could pass my ITIL Foundations Certification. When I first started with this company back in December that was one of the first things I heard about.  “The ITIL Way” was new to me back then.  So I took the […]

It’s only 11:30!

… and this is how I’m feeling about work today…

To be honest… its been a crap week

Last weekend was spent at the convent visiting Aunt Dot.  Now don’t get me wrong or call me some bad person because I HATE being at the convent.  I fully understand that it makes Aunt Dot happy and even though I81 is a beautiful… The other drivers are not.  I would rather be at the beach either […]

Hair of the Dawg

Last night we had a Happy Hour for a co-worker who is leaving us.  He is moving to Tokyo, where his wife is from, to take care of his Mother-In-Law.  The HH was a success and many showed up. This morning everyone is in since it’s his last day and we are all flocking around […]

The big catch up ( I know… Unoriginal title)

I guess I haven’t written much lately which is evident when people start contacting me to see if I’m ok. Mid December I came down with a cold and the next day I started a new job. I was terrified about leaving my old, small, company and starting with The Borg. That first week of […]

The final day has come

I can’t believe this day has come.  This is my last day with The Company. I’ve been here for over eight years and I feel as if I’m leaving home.  I have not had to make or buy lunch all week and you’d think that would be great but the looming circumstances for these people […]

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night

Wow this has all happened so fast. I have been with The Company for almost 9 years and last week I gave my notice.  I still can’t believe this is all happening. The knowledge I have of the software I work with has become in high demand.  This is why my resume has been requested […]