Holiday Shopping Ideas You Might Not Have Thought of:

Thanksgiving is over and if you haven’t started shopping you better get on it. Figuring out gifts can be difficult but maybe not as difficult as you would think. If you know what your intended giftee likes to drink then there are a million ways to go from there. Here are just a few. If […]

St. Patty’s T-Shirt

I found and bought my St. Patty’ s t-shirt today. In the process I found some really great St. Patty’s t-shirts from Cafe Press. Here are some of my favorites: Mine is the last one: “Rock Out with your Shamrock Out“.

I had a plan in hand…

I got up Saturday with a plan in hand.  I pulled out all the gifts I had purchased so far, layed them out on my bed and took inventory since I tend to always forget what I’ve gotten. I took my time and listed out what I needed and planed the route I was gonna take […]

Why is this so difficult?

All I want are some simple cardboard shoe boxes that are like drawers.  Each individual box that I can stack but I can pull open from the front for easy access to the shoes.   First thing I found was this at The Container Store: But these are $17.99 each… EACH!!!!! Are you freaking kidding […]