The Dot

So we are in Scranton aka Hell. I had good feelings this visit would go well even though I found out yesterday they moved The Dot from the 4th floor to the first floor. She had been on the 4th floor for around 6 years. I don’t think a woman who is about to turn […]

Coveting at the Convent

Mini Red and I were off to Scranton this past weekend to visit Aunt Dot. This year has been so crazy that we were unable to visit in the Spring so this was our first trip of the year. It’s not easy to go on these visits. The drive is long but beautiful and we […]

A little Prayer never hurt

I used to work with this dude, G-Man.  At first I thought he was a creep.  He likes the ladies, which is obvious, but I got to know him and found we could talk quite candidly.  I also learned how in love he is with his wife.  She is his second wife and quite a […]