A Nation of Assholes

Opinions are like Assholes… everyone has one. We are a nation of Assholes, which is very evident by the narrow minded posting all over social media. I am so tired of the negativity over the newest form of equality Americans have been given. Every time more people are given rights to live more freely in […]

Duck and Weave

I really hate the news. There is nothing nice in there and events like the recent Colorado shootings remind you of how vulnerable we all are. Severely disturbed young people have so many issues and then go crazy shooting as many people as they can.  Columbine seemed to be the first of this kind and […]

When they ask to use your bathroom say NO and send them to the gas station on the corner.

I’m pissed and as some of you know when I’m pissed I tend to sometimes vent here. This past weekend was Mini Red’s weekend with her Dad except Mini Red was invited to a big party on Saturday.  Her Dad brought her to the party and I was to pick her up after.  There was […]