OhhhhhhWeeeeeee! I’m excited!

This chick went and bought herself some Amos Lee tickets.  This dude will be gracing the 9:30 Club with his presence in early November. You don’t know who he is? Just check this out: Be sure to check out this one too!  Turn it up and just immerse yourself.  Did it give ya the goosebumps?

Oh Oh Oh, 30 Days of Coldplay!

30 Days of Coldplay… on XM. “30 Days of Coldplay’ is a month-long dedicated Coldplay channel to feature exclusive, uncut live performances from Viva La Vida tour, tracks from their new album, interviews with the band and more. ’30 Days of Coldplay’ will be available on XM on channel 51 from July 15 through August […]

My New Favoritest Song… Ever! Well at least for today.

I was driving into work this morning listening to Kate Nash’s album “House of Bricks“.  I was brought out of my Monday Morning driving haze when I heard this song:   “Dickhead”   Why are you being a dickhead for Stop being a dickhead Why are you being a dickhead for You’re just fucking up […]

Shamrockfest 2008 has come and gone… Do you remember it?

Every year I say I’m going to see more bands than the year before but alas I only saw a few but I did catch a really important one.  This band had me before but I have been thoroughly sucked in now.  Ok I’ll get to that in a minute. It seemed as if everyone […]

In heaven there is no beer… That’s why we drink ours here.

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to get your horny green on! February is ending this week and you know what happens in March?  St. Patty’s Day! So you may be asking yourself what is so great about St. Patty’s Day? I look really good in green Tis the holiday for a […]

Isn’t it funny how one thing leads to another.

Tonight Mini Red and I were watching Christmas Vacation.  This is a family favorite since my Dad IS Clark W. Griswold.  Often times with these movies I go to imdb to look up the actors. So one thing leads to another and I’m reading about Diane Ladd and her daughter Laura Dern and I end up […]