Summer of 1981: I was about to turn 13. My sister was only a few months old and our family of five climbed into the little blue, 1978, Datsun 510 wagon and headed to the beach. As we got older the Folks liked to take us on trips in the area but it was […]

The Kensington Labor Day Parade

If you’ve been to Kensington’s Labor Day Parade before then you have a predefined area to sit along with your family and friends.  You also know to bring a bag for the candy that gets thrown at you and a trash bag for the political handouts as well as the candy wrappers. The parade always […]

Walking Man Sighting

This morning on my way into work Minnie Red and I saw Walking Man. Minnie Red knew I was having a tough morning and pointed him out and said, “Look Mom it’s gonna be a good day, It’s Walking Man!”  We’ve come to take the sightings as an omen… A good omen that everything will […]