Cleaning Day!

It’s a cleaning day. .. ish! After the first full week of work after the shutdown the house has become a bit of a disaster area. While Hophead is mowing the lawn and I am cleaning out the fridge and gonna make some juice. This serves two purposes… Cleaning the fridge and to clean out […]

What is happening to me?

In the past year we have gone through two of life’s most stressing experiences. 1. We got hitched! 2. We bought a house and moved Stress… Yes! Happiness… Yes!!! Pinterest is taking me to a new level. I used to be crafty and I want it back. The ENTIRE family… Both sides is coming here […]

Do you know The Mower Man?

Do you know The Mower Man, The Mower Man, The Mower Man, Do you know The Mower Man, He services Montgomery, Howard and PG Counties Lawn Mowers? Yes I know The Mower Man, The Mower Man, The Mower Man, Yes I know The Mower Man, He came to my home and made my lawn mower […]

I Got a Bit O the Freak Out Going on Here

There is just so much lately. I am now on the team that is going to the conference in Vegas the beginning of February.  It’s exciting and the company is paying but you know its gonna cost me too!  Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned about that but at the end of this week I’m […]