Boobs of Life?

Someone found my blog by searching on “boobs of life“.  That cracks me up.  I haven’t seen one that good since someone googled “red pubic hair“.  And by-the-way when they googled red pubic hair they got “The Head is growing Pubes“.  I guess that doesn’t sound too good either, huh? This past weekend was fun […]

The newest wedding reception tradition

I was reminded, recently, of the most unusual event I’ve ever seen at a wedding. Fortunately, I was able to capture it.  This was at least five years ago and my camera was the first digital camera I ever had.  It by no means has the capablities of the digital cameras today, but it got the […]

Can you hear that?

It was brought to my attention that studies have been done on hearing and the different age ranges.  They say that the older you get there are frequencies that you can’t hear. These studies have come to light with the Mosquito Ringtone.  The premise is the kids can use these ringtones so they can hear […]

That’s a new one

Wandering Girl over at A dog, a cat, and a girl in fabulous shoes came upon something the likes of which I think no one has seen. A Redneck Sports bra! And I ain’t lyin.  You can check it out here.  Thanks WG that was some great investigative photography.

How many?

On the way home from work the other day there was a license plate that grabbed my attention.  The car was a small convertible Jag and a Dude was driving. I decided I had to try and get a picture so I took chase.  But alas my cell phone camera couldn’t get close enough to […]

Need a better, more exciting way to crack your nuts?

  No nut is too hard to crack with the hilarious Hillary Clinton Nutcracker!! The Hillary Clinton Nutcracker is the perfect kitchen utility for the politically-inclined. How to use Hillary to her full potential: 1) Carefully insert your nuts between Hillary’s thighs and squeeze. 2) Eat the nuts. 3) Repeat again and again for nut […]

You know it’s going to be a tough day when…

You go to clean your glasses and realize the smudge isn’t your glasses but your tired eyeballs. Crazy week update: Came down with a cold Sunday night but I seem to be winning the battle. Orientation all day Monday in a FREEZING cold room and amusing young interns.  Yes, Brian, I’m talking about you. A […]

If you could change your last name…

I would change mine to Fugowski. What a great name! Red Fugowski                                             I’m just sayin is all…

What do you do if Karma bites first?

“What goes around comes around.” “Karma can be a bitch.” Usually if you do something not so nice they say karma comes back around and bites you on the butt. Tuesday’s drive home was awful. It’s not like I’m trying to speed I’m just trying to move forward. If so many DC drivers weren’t driving […]