Saturday Mini Red and I headed downtown to the Roller Derby but this time was different we were volunteering. Originally, it was just gonna be Mini Red volunteering for some points for school but I figured why not and had my name put down too. We didn’t know what to expect but we got to […]

Reds Rock the Derby

 Yesterday Mini Red and I decided to do something a bit different… We went to the Roller Derby to see the DC Roller Girls. We had a blast! We got there fairly early and it’s a good thing if you want a good seat in the bleachers.  Otherwise you can sit on the floor on […]

The Kensington Labor Day Parade

If you’ve been to Kensington’s Labor Day Parade before then you have a predefined area to sit along with your family and friends.  You also know to bring a bag for the candy that gets thrown at you and a trash bag for the political handouts as well as the candy wrappers. The parade always […]

Still Having Fun!

I was recently found on Facebook by a young’un I met years ago at a friend’s wedding in Massachusetts.  We were the only single people at the wedding and I think the groom pointed me out and encouraged him to hit on me even though he is at least 10 years younger than I.  He’s […]