Chaos and Mahem

Well that’s how my life feels lately. August has been jam packed and it isn’t over yet.  The wedding in Chicago is this weekend and I haven’t even packed yet.  At least I did grab Mrs. M’s and my bridesmaid dresses and mailed them. Gawd I hope nothing goes wrong with that… I paid enough so it […]

I want these kind of nights at least three times a week.

I’m still reveling over all the fun I had this past weekend.  It was truly a wonderful time. It was kinda funny when we were at Fager’s because I received an email from the married dude from about a month prior.  I was a bit drunk and happened to be at the same place we […]

A Photo Post from the Birthday Weekend

It was Friday, the crew have all arrived and we were ready to begin the evening’s festivities at Fager’s Island. Notice the cups and I’m already drunk and wearing lipstick even. I’ve decided to help with Nicole’s Bachlorette missions so I climbed on the platform with her to do the pole dancing.  Notice the cup? I don’t […]

Happy Birthday Liz!

Liz, honey, you have the quirkiness likes of which I have never seen.  You are a great friend and I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

UPDATED: I’ll take another Bucket and fill it with Orange Crush please!

UPDATED: ** Last weekend Shortie came with me down to the O.C. I feared Shortie would be disappointed since we would be hitting happy hour and I would probably be asleep by 9 or 10pm. My weekends consist of having a few drinks, sleep, get up early walk the boards, sleep, beach time, sleep, happy […]

The newest wedding reception tradition

I was reminded, recently, of the most unusual event I’ve ever seen at a wedding. Fortunately, I was able to capture it.  This was at least five years ago and my camera was the first digital camera I ever had.  It by no means has the capablities of the digital cameras today, but it got the […]

It’ll give you chills

I just read the most touching post by Throwing Hammers.  He has recently experienced a loss that has hurt him deeply and expressed himself so eloquently and completes it with a message I seem to keep seeing recently. I mention this and give you the link for several reasons: Say a prayer (or whatever you […]

Tis the season to be supportive

It was recently brought to my attention that a former co-worker, Mike Rollins, and his family have been hit with some rough times.  Their son Cole was recently diagnosed with Lukemia. Google Boy told me just last night about this and how Mike has a blog.  I was under the impression the blog was started due […]

A Riotous good time at the Oyster Riot

A Riot by definition is: To act in an unrestrained or wanton manner; to indulge in excess of luxury, feasting, or the like; to revel; to go to excess. The long awaited Oyster Riot was last night and a good time was had by all.  Our goal was to arrive before the doors opened since we only […]

Not your typical conversation

Ra just called me and often times when we are on the phone she is talking to the boys at the same time.  She is a stay-at-home Mom and the boys definitely keep her busy. Today when she called she was trying to get them ready so they can go grocery shopping.  Getting the boys […]