To be honest… its been a crap week

Last weekend was spent at the convent visiting Aunt Dot.  Now don’t get me wrong or call me some bad person because I HATE being at the convent.  I fully understand that it makes Aunt Dot happy and even though I81 is a beautiful… The other drivers are not.  I would rather be at the beach either […]

How Green is your Plastic?

The topic of bottled water has come up quite often in discussion with friends.  I caught a news report on this some months ago and have made a concerted effort not to use bottled water.  I have been using my own bottles and tap water.  So much money has been put into cleaning our tap […]

Beach Season in the OC may now begin

It’s my first trip to the beach of the 2008 Summer Beach Season. I’m a little later in the season than usual but “Better late than never“, I say. Minnie Red* and I rode down with The Folks to save on gas… At least I saved on gas cause Dad paid for it. We arrived just […]

It’ll give you chills

I just read the most touching post by Throwing Hammers.  He has recently experienced a loss that has hurt him deeply and expressed himself so eloquently and completes it with a message I seem to keep seeing recently. I mention this and give you the link for several reasons: Say a prayer (or whatever you […]

Ahh, The Holidays have begun

Thanksgiving was at The Folks again this year.  I wanted to do my part so I invited everyone over for breakfast at my apartment.   Brotha-Man’s in-laws were heading in from Connecticut so he, Sil and The King were unable to come.  I told Mom I was ready to have them all but I would […]

A Riotous good time at the Oyster Riot

A Riot by definition is: To act in an unrestrained or wanton manner; to indulge in excess of luxury, feasting, or the like; to revel; to go to excess. The long awaited Oyster Riot was last night and a good time was had by all.  Our goal was to arrive before the doors opened since we only […]

A little Prayer never hurt

I used to work with this dude, G-Man.  At first I thought he was a creep.  He likes the ladies, which is obvious, but I got to know him and found we could talk quite candidly.  I also learned how in love he is with his wife.  She is his second wife and quite a […]