Give to the Max

  Starting at midnight on Wednesday, November 9, local residents will donate online to help raise millions of dollars for local nonprofits as part of the first annual Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington. •  Give to the Max Day is a massive one-day regional online fundraiser that will unite local Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC communities […]

Save the Ta Tas

Did you know October is Breast Cancer awareness month? Breast Cancer has affected most families but now-a-days more seem to survive it. My Grandmother as well as my Godmother had breast cancer. Both beat it but both passed due to another sort of cancer. For years I was a smoker and I quit 5 years […]

Pink Hair for Hope

Have I ever told you about my hairdresser, Kim? No? This chick is freaking awesome. Finding her was a fluke years ago and now Mini Red goes to her as well as Squirrley Gurl and Mrs. M to name a few. My Mom has even gone to her on occasion.  She has taken me to […]