The party’s almost over… Oh Wait! It’s just the calm before the storm.

My vacation is at an end tomorrow.  All week it’s been The Folks, Sis, Minnie Red and I.  Viper arrived Friday night and here it is Saturday morning and suddenly everyone is scurring. The King is coming! The King is coming! The final baby proofing is going on… and I’m sitting here writing but I […]

Happy Jamaican New Year!

This was the view from our balcony at the beach tonight: The picture doesn’t do it justice by any means but that is Minnie Red‘s head on the bottom there. This had to be the best fireworks we have ever seen from Seacrets.  If you click on the photo and look real close you might […]

Vacation Wednesday

Dad, Sis and I walked the boards this morning.  The boards were packed and it was the hottest I think I have ever experienced it out there.  I was soaked by the time we got back.  During our walk we heard this huge BOOM!  Dad said it sounded like a plane breaking the sound barrier.  […]

It’s Mom’s Birthday!

For the love… The alarm on my phone went off at 5:30 this morning.  That won’t happen again. I did get up two hours later and went for a run.  All-in-all I only did 40 blocks but something is better than nothing. By the time I got back Dad had cooked up the bacon and […]


I had the Vacation song by the Go-Go’s stuck in my head but the video really was somewhat depressing cause you know “I ain’t thinking of you“.  So then I went in search of a video of the “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N” song by Connie Francis, I believe, yeah I wasn’t feeling that one either. Anywho, This chick […]

Another Beach Weekend but no Buckets for Red this time

I arrived later than I would have liked on Friday but a little after 6 isn’t bad.  The Moms, Mine and Viper’s, had already been to Happy Hour at Macky’s but no buckets for them.  The Dads, Mine and Viper’s, were golfing and didn’t get back til sometime after 7pm.  Sis, Viper and Meg came […]

More Buckets coming my way

I WILL leave for the beach early this Friday!  I will, I will, I will. This weekend Minnie Red is off to her Dad’s and I will be hitting the beach, again, with The Folks, Sis, Viper and his parents.  I don’t even care that I’ll be the 7th wheel because everyone is cool which […]

The Buckets Multiply

So the crazy work week is done and Minnie Red and I have hitched a ride to the beach with The Folks.  We didn’t leave til 9pm on Friday but at least I don’t have to pay for the gas. Minnie Red and I both slept in til 10 Saturday morning.  That is very unusual for […]

To be honest… its been a crap week

Last weekend was spent at the convent visiting Aunt Dot.  Now don’t get me wrong or call me some bad person because I HATE being at the convent.  I fully understand that it makes Aunt Dot happy and even though I81 is a beautiful… The other drivers are not.  I would rather be at the beach either […]

UPDATED: I’ll take another Bucket and fill it with Orange Crush please!

UPDATED: ** Last weekend Shortie came with me down to the O.C. I feared Shortie would be disappointed since we would be hitting happy hour and I would probably be asleep by 9 or 10pm. My weekends consist of having a few drinks, sleep, get up early walk the boards, sleep, beach time, sleep, happy […]