My Tattoo Journey

For a while I have been wanting a tattoo. I wanted leaves… Falling leaves with a bigger red leaf and I wanted it on the inside of my left wrist because it is special to me and the left has a connection to the heart. I found a painting of a red leaf I wanted […]


GoogleBoy’s wife makes wonderful yummies and sends them in to us, at the office, every so often. Today she sent in Gingerbread cookies. I chose a man. An bit off his head! Wow! I suddenly feel great!!

Simply… Wow!

This year I have been watching “So You Think You Can Dance”. I don’t watch the elimination shows but love watching them dance. Last night (7/22/2009) started off a little slow but the couples stepped it up in their second performances. Through the season there are performances that bore me, amuse me, grab my attention […]

My New Art

Prior to my vacation I came across this… Art… I don’t think it could have the same meaning for many people like it does for me. I finally hung it tonight and I LOVE IT!