Póg mo thóin!

The lineup has been finalized! Tickets are selling fast and the prices are increasing. VIP tickets are only $79.99 right now and will be $120 soon.  That is cheap for all you can drink… ALL DAY! Plus cleaner, NICER bathrooms. Fer the love of St. Paddy… If yer gonna buy a ticket do it NOW!!!!!  […]

So glad this week is over

It has been quite a week! There has been a lot of work to bring this week to fruition. First: Mini Red got Confirmed!  She chose the name Joan as in Joan of Arc because Joan represents a very strong woman. Mini Red had to do research on Joan of Arc, write a report about […]

What my office needs…

An expense report has already been submitted stating it’s for “Strategic Planning“.

A Photo Post from the Birthday Weekend

It was Friday, the crew have all arrived and we were ready to begin the evening’s festivities at Fager’s Island. Notice the cups and I’m already drunk and wearing lipstick even. I’ve decided to help with Nicole’s Bachlorette missions so I climbed on the platform with her to do the pole dancing.  Notice the cup? I don’t […]

Still trying to piece together last night

Seems yours truly got TRASHED last night. We started at Macky’s.  Mom said to be sure to let Danny know it’s my birthday weekend and to give him some cups.  I guess I should mention that Sis got 100 cups that say it’s my 40th birthday and they have my url. Shortie and I shared […]

Happy Jamaican New Year!

This was the view from our balcony at the beach tonight: The picture doesn’t do it justice by any means but that is Minnie Red‘s head on the bottom there. This had to be the best fireworks we have ever seen from Seacrets.  If you click on the photo and look real close you might […]

Another Beach Weekend but no Buckets for Red this time

I arrived later than I would have liked on Friday but a little after 6 isn’t bad.  The Moms, Mine and Viper’s, had already been to Happy Hour at Macky’s but no buckets for them.  The Dads, Mine and Viper’s, were golfing and didn’t get back til sometime after 7pm.  Sis, Viper and Meg came […]

The Woman at seacrets tells me

We were talking about freckles and our fair skin and she says to me: “Honey!  No man has had a real woman til he’s had a woman with freckles on her tits!”

The Buckets Multiply

So the crazy work week is done and Minnie Red and I have hitched a ride to the beach with The Folks.  We didn’t leave til 9pm on Friday but at least I don’t have to pay for the gas. Minnie Red and I both slept in til 10 Saturday morning.  That is very unusual for […]

Let’s Happy Hour

Many people have taken their week of vacation for this coming week (June 30th – July 4th).  One of those people is my boss, Imelda. Why do so many take off this week?  Because it’s Fourth of July week and they only have to take four days of vacation rather than five.  Then there are […]