When is Enough Enough

How well do you know your body to say “Enough is enough”? Today was a big test for me on that subject. I have done things in my life and pushed myself for fear of embarrassment and it has hurt me and that is not good. There is a fine line of pushing yourself and pushing […]

What is your Selfie Face?

I believe this is an acceptable question to ask. It’s not like I’m asking what your O face looks like… Ewwww! So maybe you want to know where this comes from? I happened to be watching “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and this chick was looking for a place to live, other than her parents. […]

2013 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

2013 was a HORRIBLE year for us and we are happy to see it go. We may not be the only ones that feel this way. Check out Momma Said | The Holiday Card No One Ever Sends. This gave me an idea… So I sat down and listed,  by month, things that went on […]

What Do They See?

I don’t get many new friends on Facebook these days but when I do I usually check out their page but I also check out mine. People I’m friends with on FB are in a trusted zone, so to speak. So when I let someone in I wonder what my world looks like in their […]

Cleaning Day!

It’s a cleaning day. .. ish! After the first full week of work after the shutdown the house has become a bit of a disaster area. While Hophead is mowing the lawn and I am cleaning out the fridge and gonna make some juice. This serves two purposes… Cleaning the fridge and to clean out […]

Don’t go!

I think many of us tend to move between Netflix and Hulu. Netflix is more movies but not real recent. Hulu is more shows but the ones I want to see are usually web only, which means you can’t play it through your TV or even apple TV. Right now I am switching and leaving […]

Waa Waa Waa

This seems to be all people do today, and yes I’m doing it right now too! I swear no one is happy about anything and I find myself fascinated by people who are so genuinely happy especially in any industry where they deal with the public. My husband deals with the public and he is […]

What are you googling tonight?

Yeah I’m a dork! I’m googling, “hairstyles for my convertible” Yes this is what is on my mind since I am now a convertible owner, for just over a week now. So far it’s a ponytail and a ball cap but I have to wonder if I should wrap a scarf around my head and […]

Match again? But I’m Married!

My bestie is on Match. I’m so proud of her because she has avoided Match or any dating help for a very long time. As my friend Velvet once said to me, “You can’t complain about not having anyone if you aren’t putting yourself out there”. So Match keeps throwing her possible matches and there […]

The Ginja Graduates!

So the Ginja Graduated. I’m so proud of her I can’t believe how time flies. I found a graduation card I couldn’t pass up. Really??? Graduation… A time of Happy Endings But wait… There’s more. So we wrote in the card: Protective wrap has been left on for those Happy Endings! I know! I know! Not […]