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Summer of 1981: I was about to turn 13. My sister was only a few months old and our family of five climbed into the little blue, 1978, Datsun 510 wagon and headed to the beach. As we got older the Folks liked to take us on trips in the area but it was getting tighter in that little wagon. Eventually, the Folks bought a used, full sized, van. The inside had the two front swivel captain chairs and two more right behind them with a table between all four. The rest of the van had shag carpet, on the floors as well as the walls.

Yeah… It was one of those vans! The Folks turned it into a family mobile. The best part of this van were the weekend quests, but they didn’t call them quests then. Dad would drive to wherever we ended up going and Mom would drive home so Dad could get in the way back with the kids and play. No seat belts required back then.

Their adventures changed over the years. I got my driver’s license and the Datsun became mine-ish and I dipped out on the adventures. Eventually, it was just Mom and Dad and their adventures changed over the years.

Today; Hophead and I have started our own adventures. We call it Questing.

It started when we decided to head north to a winery we heard about. We ended up at the wrong winery but in downtown Gettysburg. We found a little Irish shop and our receipt had a 10% off coupon for a local Irish Pub, The Garryowen Irish Pub. The pub was in the opposite direction of where we were heading but we are so glad we went. They have the best Irish Breakfast ever found in the U.S. plus they have 60 Irish Whiskey’s.


We got a seat at the bar and ordered two pints of Guinness. The place was very busy but what caught my eye was the priest in the back having a pint himself. Then a family came in for brunch and the little girl said, “Mommy! Mommy! It’s Father Ritchie! Can I go say hi?”.

Hophead and I just looked at each other as all this went down. How very Irish like this place is including the families too! We continue to go up there every chance we get and take as many people as we can. We are even taking Mom and Dad this weekend.

On that first visit we also came across the opening of Gettysburg Polish Pottery. They have the best selection I have ever come across. We can’t go to Garryowen without stopping and seeing our friends at Gettysburg Polish Pottery.


Our adventures aren’t like Mom and Dad’s but we are having fun questing.

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