You can find me in da club, bottle full of bub

The Club I’m referring to is the United Club at the airport.

Back in August I took a new job and joined the group of Road Warriors that travel every week. By travel I mean I fly out every Monday and home every Thursday.

I considered the United Club a very cool part of the secret flying society. Only those elite flyers could get in or there is always the people that pay heavily for it.

My coworker brought me, and another, in as guests. This was on a Thursday and that means it is a HUGE business traveler day because business people are all flying home for the week.

I wasn’t so impressed. For one… the toilets don’t flush themselves like every other toilet in the airport. For two… the place was PACKED. Once we found three seats together two went to get drinks… free drinks. OK that is a great perk but no decent IPAs so I got a Cabernet Savignon. The bartender was swamped  but a really cool guy and I loved his holiday tie.

They also had snacks you could help yourself to and this included water. This was another plus because sometimes you just want a small cookie and endless ice water. Hanging in an airport usually means overpriced food and if you want cold water you have to buy it. You will never find veggies in an airport.

The people in the club looked very regular, I don’t know what I was expecting but maybe I expected something more extravagant. I can only assume this is a very different place on any other day, minus all the business travelers.

So far it isn’t something I see myself buying into but I have finally seen past those elusive doors.

Maybe if those toilets flushed themselves I might have more interest.

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