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What is your Selfie Face?

I believe this is an acceptable question to ask. It’s not like I’m asking what your O face looks like… Ewwww!

So maybe you want to know where this comes from?

I happened to be watching “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and this chick was looking for a place to live, other than her parents. As she looks at this one condo she has to test the lighting for her selfies. To which the other chick says she does NOT have a selfie face and then chick number one gives examples of a few of her selfie faces.

So here we are a few days later and Ginja has one of her friends, Jones, over and she is searching our house for lighting so she can get a proper selfie. You would have thought she was trying to get a signal and it was the olden golden days of those Verizon commercials… “Can you hear me now?”.

I am an inexperienced selfie taker. My goal is not to look as old as I am. The camera (phone) must be held high, suck in my cheeks to show off my cheek bones but I can’t purse my lips or I might show my wrinkles. Also I often tend to wear my glasses to deflect from wrinkles around my eyes.  Oh and sometimes I add filters and use instagram. Here are a few examples:


Ginja holds the camera (phone) from an upward angle looking down on her. She puts the tongue to the roof of her mouth to avoid any double chinage. Her mouth is at just the right angle with not too big of a smile to avoid wrinkles under eyes but to be sure not to look pissed off. Hair is just right for good amount of sexiness and to give a peek at just the right amount of cleavage:


Jones: Camera angling down or straight ahead, face forward or a few degrees to the right because she prefers her left side:


What are your selfie rules and send me a selfie to redselfie@gmail.com. I’ll post them here.

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