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Waa Waa Waa

This seems to be all people do today, and yes I’m doing it right now too!

I swear no one is happy about anything and I find myself fascinated by people who are so genuinely happy especially in any industry where they deal with the public.

My husband deals with the public and he is ALWAYS nice. It is in his nature to be so kind to others, unless you mess with him. It is amazing how many people complain and about nothing. People who get services for free have complained and people have even complained about being greeted, you know… like a Walmart greeter. WTF?

Then there are the people who complain on social media (I guess I’m doing that now, huh?). I learned a long time ago to not complain on social media like Twitter or Facebook. Everyone has enough of their own issues to then log on and see yours. Waa waa waa!

We all have issues and we all have complaints… So DEAL WITH IT! Stop and take a look at what your complaining about because when you look at the big picture it, usually, isn’t a big deal. The more you complain the more unhappy you seem to become.

When I get upset or overly stressed I stop and ask myself if it means death. Money doesn’t matter none of it matters.  What matters is you and your family and friends. The rest is just fodder. It may feel gut wrenching horrible… at that moment and it’s not easy to turn it around but try. Please try! Because it affects more people than you can imagine when you do nothing but complain.

Rant over.

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