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Match again? But I’m Married!

My bestie is on Match. I’m so proud of her because she has avoided Match or any dating help for a very long time. As my friend Velvet once said to me, “You can’t complain about not having anyone if you aren’t putting yourself out there”.

So Match keeps throwing her possible matches and there is this one that keeps popping up with a login name that equates to.  “Kiss my gun”.

So she sends him a message and asks about his handle.

He replies incoherently something about how it has no meaning to him but he uses it at work.

I tell Hophead about this and he is confused. I explain each part and why it equates to kiss my gun ending with a 22 as in 22 caliber.

Hophead says, “Yeah I get all of that but the 22 references a small gun! Kiss my small gun? I would have at least said 44 but not a 22.”

I said, “Maybe this is why this guy has been online for a long time. Because I remember him.”

Hophead says, “You remember him? From when you were online? All those years ago?”

I replied, “Yeup! Same pic too! I guess we know why he is still on there.”

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