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NWM DC 2013

The inaugural Nike Women Half Marathon in DC is tomorrow (April 28, 2013).

I am so excited to be part of it and plan to earn my Tiffany necklace.  Yay!

My training has not gone as expected and I fell far behind but on Easter I got out and knocked out 10 miles. Unfortunately, my running time since then has not been great either. The next Sunday I got out to ran and at mile 3 something felt like it snapped in my calf. I had to call Hophead to come get me and that is a first and hopefully a last. I took it easy and even did a light run but became more terrified when it happened again a week later.

Since then, thanks to resting, compression socks and KT Tape, things have gotten better. This KT Tape is freaking amazing and I am now a believer. Their website is fantastic and gives great instruction how to use it and on any part of your body.

Races make me nervous and over the years it has been for different reasons. Just getting there is probably number one. Once that is out of the way it’s just getting through it and for this race… Well, there is a lot to be nervous about. My plan is to just try and relax and the goal is to finish.

I have been asked by some if I’m nervous after what happened in Boston. I have been given some advice such as; “run in the middle” or “stay away from trash cans”. Others have pointed out that this is probably the next biggest profile race since Boston. All I seem to think of when Boston is mentioned is an interview I saw with Al Sharpton who said (in not so many words) ;

We can’t hide away and let these terrorists keep us from our lives.

I couldn’t agree more but I still asked Hophead to be careful as he waits for me around the finish line.

Today I am taking it easy and pulling together what I need for tomorrow. I have never been one to wear cutesie matchy matchy outfits but I now have one:


But… I won’t be wearing this tomorrow for several reasons:

  1. Too cold!
  2. You don’t wear a race jersey for the race you are running
  3. You don’t wear city T-Shirt while in the city you are in, e.g. “I Love New York” while in NY.
  4. Too cold!!!

I tend to run in the early morning hours so no one can see me because this is not pretty while running. I will probably be wearing my winter tights and I have gotten a purple shirt, which is for Jen.

Hophead and I have taken to some new nicknames lately. So at the expo I had the chance to make a sign for him to hold up:


So whatever it is you do be it pray, wish or send good juju please send it my way because I really want to earn that Tiffany finisher necklace. #werundc

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One comment on “NWM DC 2013

  1. LOL! It was warmer than you thought!

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