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Belize if you Please

One week ago I was in Caye Caulker, Belize. This place is unlike any other place I have ever been.


Mr & Mrs. M have been there at least half a dozen times and so we had to follow and we are hooked.

The motto is to go slow and although it took a day or two we got that down. The Split and Lizard juice helped.

There is no way to really describe this place. The people that visit tend to be more of the backpacker types. The younger ones stay at the hostel and the older ones were once those younger ones and keep coming back for years.

Hophead and I are hooked!

On the island you bump into the same people over and over and the locals can tell if it is your first trip or if you have been there before. Mr. M was recognized as being there before but was asked if he had a different wife last time he was there. Every time this one dude would pass Hophead he would yell…

Hey Ghandi!

The island is a favorite of divers and snorkelers alike.

I’ve only dabbled in snorkeling once before and fell in love with it in Belize. Snorkeling the reef is truly amazing.

I attempted to run one morning but I guess 7am wasn’t early enough. EVERYONE seemed to have something to say to me:


Got a race?

Want me to join you?

Looking good!

It’s hard to say what was our favorite part of this trip but how often does anyone get to hop in a boat for an hour to spend the day snorkeling and fishing on a tiny island that sits on a reef. That tiny Island is Goff’s Caye and this is how we finished up our week.


We will definitely be back!

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