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Fookin’ Koontz

Does anyone seriously think every one in Ireland greets each other with “Top O the morning to you“?  If you do then you will believe everyone in Ireland is related to a leprechaun and has red hair.

I have a post from 6 years ago that has gotten quite a bit of attention today on Reddit.

I’m amazed at how offended some are. I’m sorry if you are offended but no one actually thinks the Irish greet each other that way.

I’ve even gotten some rude emails.

Just so you are aware and you run into an actual Irish person, none of us say this greeting let alone the answer .”

Ummm. Duh! They call each other Fookin’ Koontz and dress in Adidas sweats!

I am a typical American mutt. My Mother is half Irish and half Polish. Her parents are first generation American. My Father is a mixture of so much I wouldn’t be able to even begin to list them all. We are connected to family still in Ireland and get together but not often enough. The Irish ancestry seems to be the strongest but I would never call myself Irish-American.

The biggest misconception of the Irish, at least to me, is the red hair. I do have the red hair!

I can’t tell you how many times a complete stranger will ask me if I’m Irish. I say, “No. I’m Polish

In America once a year, on St. Patrick’s Day, EVERYONE wants to be Irish. The Irish, in all their misconceptions, are celebrated. Great!

I’m proud to have Irish ancestry. I’m also proud to have Polish ancestry but I’m even more proud to be an American however criticized we are.

The other string of comments have been about my boobs! Really? How juvenile.

What I’ve learned from Reddit is there are far too many people who have no life other than the internet.

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