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Weirded out… In a good way

We headed out to New Market to a dive bar for a 50th birthday party with some biker people. Great people and every time we show up more and more people remember us. Anyhow it is Val’s 50th Birthday.

Happy Birthday VAL! We love you

We didn’t stay too long. We knew if we did we would very possibly drink too much and not be able to drive home.

So we headed home but knew we wanted to drink but we had limited supplies. We found a liquor store on Patrick Street that is open til 10pm and we made friends.

We were about to head home but I said I wanted some bad food so we headed over to the Sheetz. I ran inside and Hophead proceeded to fill up the SUV. When I came out it was dead. The battery was dead and the car, obviously, would not start. Hophead went to grab the thingy-ma-jig out of the back and realized it was in our other two cars.


Hophead says: “I have jumper cables”

I’m offering to walk home and get one of the other vehicles with the thingy-ma-jig and I’m denied. Hophead doesn’t seem worried and he walks off.

I’m thinking I have ice cream melting and i need to get home. We are doomed.

Then I see Hophead walking back and this HUGE SUV back out and pulls right up to us. This tiny blonde chick hops out and pops her hood and within seconds Hophead has us hooked up and running again.

Why am I so amazed?

Amazed at the kindness of others at the drop of a hat?

Amazed it was this tiny blonde chick?

I opened my door and hollered at her:


Why am I so amazed?

Small things like this renew my faith in humanity

Plus I’m glad I have Hophead to take care of things like this.

Lastly, it reminds us to be careful when out drinking. If we stayed out… If we drank more… It could have ended up bad.

Maybe Aunt Dot is looking out for us???

But wait… There is more!

We are settling in but I see something on our porch and go out to get it. I hear…

Excuse me. What street is this?

A woman is pulled over on our street and she has a flat tire.

Hophead jumps into action and next thing you know he is changing her tire. I am amazed at how fast he does this but in the meantime I find out that Cathy is on her way home from cooking for a family. Seems she does this all the time.

He puts her spare on, she hugs us both and is on her way back into DC.

What a great, amazing evening.

Damn I love this man!

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