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Duck and Weave

I really hate the news. There is nothing nice in there and events like the recent Colorado shootings remind you of how vulnerable we all are.

Severely disturbed young people have so many issues and then go crazy shooting as many people as they can.  Columbine seemed to be the first of this kind and it is sad how often this happens.

When my Dad was about 10 years old he used to take the bus from Kensington down to Cleveland Park with his friends so they could play baseball. AT 10 YEARS OLD!  This is unheard of now-a-days. Ginja is 17 and I still have a hard time when she is out an about because I don’t trust people out there.

I used to think Kensington was a safe little small town. Then weird stuff started happening that opened my eyes. Remember the sniper who killed the Mom vacuuming her mini van at the Shell station or more recently the woman who was fatally shot and pushed out of a van. Is anyplace safe? How do we teach our kids to deal with this crazy stuff?

I can’t believe how scared we all were when the Sniper was out there. Getting gas was a major undertaking and people would duck and weave to get in the store to pay. I dropped Ginja off at my parents so I could get gas because I refused to have her lay on the floor of the backseat. I ducked down in the drivers seat, that night as the car was filling up. I nearly peed my pants when the pump stopped with a loud clunk. Oh and this was at that Shell station in Kensington where that poor Mom was killed just a week before.

Today I received and email with info to help us. I can’t believe we have come to this.

Active Shooter Poster

Active Shooter: How to Respond

Active Shooter: Pocket Card

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