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Planes, Rings and Hospital Rooms… Part2

In a nutshell… Ireland was AWESOME! We did more pub hopping and talking to people than the tourist attractions but we saw Ireland our way.  Plus we missed all of the natural disasters at home.

After Hophead proposed, of course, I was thinking about the next step… how and when we would get married. I figured a year or so is normal, right? We had just gotten home and stopped over to see my parents when Dad said, “Why wait? Mother and I got married only three months after I proposed” and he walked away.

Hmmmmm… Yeah why wait?

You know it’s amazing how life still goes on and keeps moving no matter what anyone has going on in their life. The Fall season was approaching and this is such a fun time with so many festivals going on. We found out about this Festival in Frederick with Blind Melon headlining but even better is The Amish Outlaws, they are a favorite of ours. We immediately hit the beer garden for some Flying Dogs and started getting hungry. We sent Ginja off in search of what kind of foods this place was offering but then the rain started.

It rained for a good while but we got shelter in the hay pavilion. One of the vendors decided the rain wasn’t going to hurt their profits and decided to take orders from people hiding from the rain. Smart idea cause we took them up on it. Because of that vendor we waited for the rain to stop and just when it did The Amish Outlaws started playing.

Ginja had never seen them perform and I was excited for her to have The Amish Outlaw experience. They finished up with Dropkick Murphy’s ‘Shipping up to Boston’. We were having a blast and didn’t care about the rain. Afterwards Brother Eazy Ezekiel came down to the masses to hand out bumper stickers. I was so excited I ran up to get one and slipped. As I was going down I was determined not to get my shorts muddy. Eazy looked at me and said “Eeeewwww here have two stickers!”

How embarrassing!

When I got up I looked over at Hophead and said “I think I may have hurt myself… Let’s go get another beer“. Unfortunately, the beer didn’t help like I was hoping. Leaving the beer garden I was having a hard time walking and Hophead had to help me get over to the aid station. They were so excited to help me get to the car because they had a shiny new cherry red golf cart and I was the first to get a ride in it.

So Hophead and Ginja took me to the ER and according to Ginja I was funny cause I was still buzzing from my beers. I may have had a buzz but I was feeling stupid and in my mind I was entertaining them. I figured I pulled something and this meant I was not running in the morning and this was going to screw up any plans of running for a while since sprains take forever to heal. Imagine my surprise when the Doctor came over and said “Well you broke it but at least you don’t need surgery“.

Shut the Front Door!

That week after breaking the ankle was a real tough one, the best part was we set a wedding date of November 5th… 2011.


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