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Mama! Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

My world has been a bit crazy lately, but every time I get an email telling me something new about Shamrockfest I get this jolt of excitement that courses through my body.

So, on a down note… Flogging Molly will not be playing this year. I was shocked since they have been HUGE with Shamrockfest for YEARS. Even Hophead went to their Facebook page and let them know how disappointed he is.

There is good news. I would even say FANTASTIC news!!! Dropkick Murphys will be playing!!!  Can I get a girlie scream like Elvis is on stage?

OMG! I’m looking at the line up as I write this.

That is so funny… DJ Pauly D! I mentioned this to Ginga, noting Pauly D’s Italian background and here he is a big player in an Irish bash. She said, “Mama! Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”

I can’t wait.

Are you going?

Have you gotten your tickets?

Prices are going up! Better get em soon.

One comment on “Mama! Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Are we gonna see you at Shamrockfest again this year?
    Check us out on the DC101 Stage at 5:30pm
    We go on right after DJ Pauly D1

    Hell to the FU… I mean yeah! – Red

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