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ShamrockFEST Precursor

This past weekend I partied in Ocean City. The Amish Outlaws played Saturday night at Seacrets and as always they RAWKED the house. Pictures are coming out of the weekend… OMG! I do believe this picture is a precursor of the upcoming ShamrockFEST. Oh and Happy Birthday Jay Wood! Hopefully, next time you won’t get […]

Mama! Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

My world has been a bit crazy lately, but every time I get an email telling me something new about Shamrockfest I get this jolt of excitement that courses through my body. So, on a down note… Flogging Molly will not be playing this year. I was shocked since they have been HUGE with Shamrockfest […]

I Was Tricked!

This isn’t Splenda!

Super Bowl XLV

By half-time my favorite commercial is Roseanne getting it by a log: So digging the half time show: The entrance was awesome! Will.I.Am has a head thing that reminds me of Zorg in The Fifth Element. Fergie has an incredible voice! Here comes Usher and his pants are Hammer pants Usher-ized. …Oh that’s why!  Usher […]

Knock… knock… knock…

Hophead and I look at each other and he gets up to answer the door. He doesn’t even look through the peep-hole to see who it is but I don’t say anything. I’m watching Hophead and his facial expressions as the Voice begins his script with his definitive lip smacking pauses, as I’m sure he […]