How to scare your boyfriend:

I styled my hair differently this morning what do you think?

2 comments on “How to scare your boyfriend:

  1. ummm NO just act all strange and ask him out.. then what you do is take out a knife.. like ur a murderer almost… BUT UR NOT REALLY… and then he like freaks out.. then just say ur joking

  2. it’s almost halloween for me well i want to scare my boyfriend well you see i thought of this pick out the scarest mask you can ever find at home or at the store then when he lets you in his house say you have to use the bathroom then go in the bathroom call his house phone when he answers it walk out the bathroom walk up behond him and tap his sholder and say do i look ok when he turns around he will SCREAM HAHAHA well thats what i think WARNING:IF YOUR BOYFRIEND GETS MAD EASLY THEN DON’T DO THIS PRANK JUST SCARE HIM GOOD WELL HAPPY SCARING YOUR BOYFRIEND!

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