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I guess tonight I did a move that my sister says makes me “THAT WOMAN“.

I’m the old lady that says something to kids behaving badly. This seems to often happen at the Folks beach condo.

It first happened years ago. The Folks beach condo association collectively purchased a cart for anyone in our building to use to bring up their bags etc. It’s a piece of crap but has survived for years. I was near by as kids were taking rides on it. I said something… “That thing is weak and you don’t wanna get hurt…” as I walked off. That was when Sis first called me “THAT WOMAN“.

Another day I got in the elevator after some kids hit every button. I said, “You don’t want this elevator to break with you in it… Maybe you should be more gentle?”  I let Sis know I was “THAT WOMAN” again.

Well… This summer the big thing is those annoying lasers that come in all colors. Don’t get me wrong I have a little red one. I had hopes of maybe using it on those pesky drivers who drive with their high beams on.

So Sis and I are watching Project Runway and I see a light come through the window. I went out on the balcony to look around and see if I could figure out where it was coming from. I did this rather quietly as Sis was dozing. I noticed it was going across our entire building and figured it was probably coming from the bus across the street. I lingered a bit longer after the bus pulled away and… THERE IT IS! I spun around to find a little person in the doorway of the store across the street with the laser. I watched her scan the laser across the building and as it shined through our living room onto the back wall. She quickly ducked and continued to wave the laser across our building.

Sis was now out so I looked up the number for the store across the street but no one answered. So I went over there. I figured the little girl would be gone but I would let the employees know that this was happening with their customers and maybe they could keep them from doing it.

I crossed Coastal Highway and as I walked in the store I saw the little girl behind the counter. I looked from her to the woman who works there. The woman who is there ALL the time. The Russian woman (girl) who is there EVERY summer and I swear she works from open to close, which means something like 8am to 12am.

I said, “I live across the street…”

She started with the, “I’m SO Sorry…”

I continued and looked at the little girl, “Please DO NOT shine that light in our condo…”

This woman knew the little girl was doing it! On top of that it’s almost 11pm! Why is that little girl there?

The woman apologized over and over. At least Mom will know where it is coming from in the future.

So I am “THAT WOMAN” yet again. I killed the little girl’s good time but Mom can now deal with it as she wishes in the future.

Best of all Sis just woke up and is laughing cause I’m “THAT WOMAN” again.

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