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My Beautiful

Lately, I’ve been working downtown and by downtown I mean Chinatown. I even have to drive through Dupont Circle to get to work and I don’t like driving through Dupont Circle.

I was nervous to drive Dupont Circle but now I’m just irritated at the people in my way. I’ve noticed the words coming outta my mouth while driving in D.C seems to go something like this: “Go… go…go…go…Green means go… GO! GO! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY JUST MOVE!

Seems the cars don’t move but the pedestrians do. The pedestrians are always going even when they aren’t supposed to. The sign says do not walk but they just keep on going and don’t notice the cars. Oh and then there are the people on bikes. They stop for nothing. Not red lights and not for cars. They weave in and out of stopped traffic and seem to land just in front of me and then have a hard time starting. My favorites are the bicyclist without helmets and wearing ear phones.

I prefer my drive home because I’ve found a way that skips Dupont Circle and it seems to roll, except today. Traffic really sucked and I swear I’ll never leave that late again but there was my interaction with a parking attendant that tickled me and made my traffic laden drive home much easier.

As I was leaving the parking lot there is often an older gentleman reminding everyone in line that it’s cash only. They do anything to speed it up to get us out and I guess many have to go park and find cash to get out of the lot. So this wasn’t the first time I saw him but when I do I hold up my cash and show him I’m on board.

Today started a typical hi how are you banter and short discussion on the weather and the heat until he said something I didn’t understand. I told him I didn’t understand and he said, “Amharic?”

So I said, “Oh! Yene Konjo!”

You should have seen the look on his face as he said, “Oh you must be single! I want to know who said this to you!”

I told him I knew a few words and gave a few more examples. He told me he could teach me more words.

He followed me up to the booth and after I paid he was standing there, on the other side, with his hands clasped high together in the air as he hollered, “SEE YOU TOMORROW!”

Oh and Yene Konjo means “My Beautiful”

One comment on “My Beautiful

  1. Next time you see him say, “Ante Dedeb”!

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